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So let’s get real for a second: You know you have those days when you should eat really healthy after too much partying (it’s okay, we’ve been there, too). The weekend was fun rough, and you made some decisions that your liver isn’t loving. After much consideration and self-talk, you have finally come to terms that you need to add a little green to your diet. And while healthy food (especially vegan) has a stigma where you have to compromise taste to fuel your bod, here at TTS we don’t believe in compromise when it comes to our food. It’s not even in our vocabulary. So with that being said, we found a place that won’t ever make you choose between flavor and eating healthy. And we appreciate that. If you are looking for something that will entice your taste buds to the nines without making you feel guilty, then this West Village spot is just for you.

by CHLOE. is the birth child of Chloe (the vegan chef extraordinaire) and Samantha (the visionary genius). These two lovely ladies came together to supply you with the newest and undeniably delicious way to give your body exactly what it needs. Chloe (who is not only a bestselling author, but won a little show called Cupcake Wars), has created a menu where everything is 100% vegan, completely all-natural and locally sourced with items like their Guac Burger and a mac n’ cheese made with sweet potato sauce and shiitake bacon that will blow your mind. But don’t be fooled by the healthy menu. Located right next to the registers are a plethora of baked good that baked in-house daily and are waiting for you to scoop them up. There is also a cocktail menu mix with juices that are made by CHLOE.. That makes it healthy, right? When it comes to the décor, every detail was carefully planned out with the utmost care. Samantha made sure the brand not only complemented Chloe’s creative menu, but was aesthetically pleasing by being completely Instagram-worthy with fun designs and pops of colors. Even the eco-friendly packaging is on point. 

We got to hang with the girls at the West Village restaurant for a little chit chat about vegan food and their careers all while sipping on some coconut water, which they supply too. We introduce to you Chloe (left) and Samantha (right), the ultimate creative dream team.

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

rapid fire


Samantha: NYC

Chloe: Los Angeles, CA 

Current location:

Samantha: NYC

Chloe: NYC

Cupcakes or cookies:

Samantha: Cupcakes

Chloe: Both!

Favorite place in the world:

Samantha: Paris

Chloe: My tiny apartment kitchen

What dish will automatically brighten your mood:

Samantha: Avocado toast

Chloe: Vegan Mac n Cheese

Favorite dish at by CHLOE.:

Samantha: Spicy Thai

Chloe: Our smashed avocado toast trumps all!

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

Smoothie or juice:

Samantha: Juice

Chloe: Both again. Stop it with these tricky questions!

Best accessory for a night out:

Samantha: Red Lipstick

Chloe: A braid!

Best meal you’ve recently had in NYC (other than your own):

Samantha: Grain Bowl from Jack’s Wife Freda

 Chloe: Avocado cecina at Santina

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

and the rest

How did both of your careers begin? 

Samantha: Growing up, I was lucky enough to be exposed to the restaurant industry, and after a few years working in celebrity procurement, I realized that I wanted to explore the hospitality industry as a career. In 2014, I had the chance to work on Horchata from start to finish. It was an invaluable learning experience to see what it truly takes to open and operate a restaurant. I’ve been committed ever since! Two years ago, I met Chloe and we began planning the early stages of our concept, and the rest is history!

Chloe: My passion for cooking started young, in my kitchen at home cooking with my mom. After graduating from the National Gourmet Institute and completing the Plant-Based Nutrition Program at Cornell, it was my appearance on Cupcake Wars that took things to the next level. The success of my cookbooks has taken me around the country and the world sharing vegan and plant-based recipes with readers and home chefs; connecting with ESquared and opening my first restaurant was the next step in realizing my vegan dreams.

How did the both of you want to portray veganism to the public by opening by CHLOE.? What stigma did you want to get rid of?

Samantha: As someone who was new to plant-based eating and the overall vegan lifestyle, it was important for me to create an environment that would be welcoming to all types of eaters. I think vegan food has sort of has a bad reputation. We wanted to allow people the opportunity to have both a healthy meal and a “real” meal. At by CHLOE. the food speaks for itself, and it just so happens to be cruelty free, green and sustainable.

(Chloe): You became a vegetarian as a young child, why did you decide to make the switch to be a vegan later in life?

Vegan food is so much more delicious, exciting, and complete than vegetarian food. Vegetarian food so often feels like food without the meat — vegan food on the other hand, is it’s own wildly creative cuisine and identity.

How do you feel each of your aesthetics complements each other?

Samantha: When working on the overall brand identity, it was important for me not to distract from Chloe’s food. The menu Chloe created is hearty and delicious, but it’s also light, and I wanted a space that reflected that – cozy with lots of bright colors and natural light.

When it comes to her cooking Chloe is extremely creative, combining ingredients in ways that you could never imagine. This was a big source of inspiration throughout the process.

Chloe: We both love taking huge risks. We’ve never disagreed on the idea of trying something new or crazy.

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

(Samantha): We love how cheeky the decor and concept is (including the coloring books and crayons). How did you approach the brand identity for by CHLOE.?

 From the beginning, I did not want our branding to center around one color like so many QSRs right now. Together with Paperwhite Studio, we conceived a scheme of black and white as the focus, with pops of color woven in. I wanted our brand to be versatile, nothing too rigid that would get old and tired as time went on. 

At by CHLOE. there’s a good balance between cute and sophisticated. The branding is fun and cheeky, with vintage typography and illustrations inspired form retro supermarket signage. We wanted a space that engaged the customer, where people could feel comfortable to eat in with friends or grab and go.

Your location is a few blocks away from the heart of NYU. Why do feel this location was important for the restaurant?

Samantha: In early discussions about by CHLOE., we talked about a need for more healthy and affordable options on or near college campuses. We noticed a void in the West Village and saw an opportunity to be a destination for NYU students to grab a delicious and quick meal on the go or sit an enjoy a meal on campus with friends 

(Chloe): How do you feel Cupcake Wars influenced your career path, especially being the first vegan chef to win a culinary competition on national television?

 Cupcake Wars was an amazing opportunity that was the best launching pad for my career — beyond anything I could have imagined. Being able to share my recipes with readers through my cookbooks and to receive the support that continues to roll in from vegan and non vegans alike is overwhelming.  I loved having the chance to show viewers, and the Cupcake Wars judges, that vegan baked goods really can be delicious!

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

(Chloe): This is the first restaurant you have ever opened. How was the process like? And was it everything you expected?

 It’s been an exciting and challenging experience — I’ve learned so much, and continue to every day. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes is tremendous. Forget about having a social life or a sleep schedule! Having said that, I wouldn’t change a thing. 

(Samantha): Your father is the CEO of ESquared Hospitality. Has he given you any advice that you can share?

 Trust yourself and don’t be afraid to fail.

Do you both hope to expand to another location?

Samantha: Right now we are focusing on the success of our first location, but we definitely have big plans for this concept!

What is next for the both of you?

Samantha: All I can say is stay tuned! Many more exciting things are in the works for by CHLOE.!

Chloe: What Sam said! We are beyond excited for the future of by CHLOE.!

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

by CHLOE. is located at 185 Bleecker Street. They are opened Sunday-Tuesday 11am-10pm and Wednesday-Saturday 11am-12am.

So make sure you stop by to say hello to the girls and get yourself a juice cocktail. Seriously, they are so good.

Photography by Vanessa Granda

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