Wednesdays With The Power Duo Behind Owl’s Brew

“Cocktail” may not be the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word “tea,” but that’s about to change, folks.

Meet Owl’s Brew, the first tea mixer made especially for spirits– it’s as if somebody answered our prayers. So for those of us who are so sick of drinking vodka cranberries (raises hand) this is the perfect alternative. The brew is made up of whole tea leaves, fruits and spices therefore it’s packed with antioxidants. The best part? It’s only 20-40 calories, so you can rest assured this is the healthiest mixer on the market.

We got to ask the beautiful geniuses of this brand some questions about dream collaborations, how they met, and what spawned the idea. Get to know Maria and Jennie…


Maria mixing, photo via Owl’s Brew

rapid fire

Vodka or whiskey?

J: Whiskey

M: Whiskey

Morning or night?

J: Morning

M: Night

Manhattan or Brooklyn?

J: Manhattan

M: Manhattan

Friends or Seinfeld?  

J: Friends

M: Friends

Fruits or veggies?

J: Fruits

M: Veggies

Cocktail bars or dive bars?

J: Dive Bars

M: Cocktail Bars

Plants: yay or nay?  

J: I say yay, they say nay

M: Yay (but mine always die…)

Puppies or kittens?

J: Kittens

M: Puppies


Jennie pouring, photo via Owl’s Brew

and the rest

Tea for booze. Genius. What spawned the idea?

J: Maria and I were always in search of a light, fresh and innovative way of drinking. We were tired of our go-to vodka cran. One clunky cocktail with too much sugar and a serious lack of hydration was plenty for us, and we are round two kind of gals.  As avid tea drinkers (always in moderation of course), we developed a product that was light, flavorful and fresh – incorporating our favorite non-boozy supper – tea!

M: Jennie was doing a lot of blending and one day she invited me over to try her new “tea cocktail”. It was love at first sip. and here we are…still making tea cocktails today!

How did the two of you meet?

J: We worked together at an entertainment marketing firm, and brewed tea cocktails for several high end, industry events. The rest is history!

M: Jennie actually hired me as an intern at a marketing firm.

When you’re not busy taking over the tea-for-cocktails world, what do you do on your spare time?

J: I love traveling, and even if I’m somewhere for work, I’m passionate about trying to fit in at least one thing that’s unique to that city.  We’re on the road a lot, and we always keep lists of great restaurants and terrific cocktail joints that we’ve discovered.

M: I love to cook, be on or by the water, and I’m constantly on the search for the best Bloody Mary.

Your favorite Owl’s Brew cocktail:

J: While our traditional cocktails are yummy, I geek out over our beer cocktails.  For the holidays, my favorite is “Gingerbread Beer” –  2 parts Coco-Lada, 1 part spiced rum, 1/2 part Ginger Liqueur (e.g., Canton’s), and top off with a stout beer.

M: I’d have to say our Owl’s Manhattan. It’s our tea spin on the classic Manhattan — with pink & black (which is a darjeeling hibiscus, with strawberry and lemon) bourbon, and a dash of bitters.

How do you decompress from a hectic day?

J: Best case scenario is a good cocktail & great sushi.

M: A glass of wine and pajamas!

Top 5 songs on repeat:   

J: I have a two-year old daughter, so you probably don’t want to know my top 5 songs on repeat!  Let’s just say that Frozen tops the list.

M: Black Cadillac/Carrie Underwood, Morningside/Sara Bareillis, Oxford Comma/Vampire Weekend, Girls Chase Boys/Ingrid Michaelson, and All I Want for Christmas.

Fill in the blank: I could devour (blank) from (blank) for the rest of my life.

J: Island Creek Oysters from Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston or anywhere else that shucks them well.

M: The Octopus from Claudette.

Clothing brand you’re currently obsessed with:  

J: Madewell

M: Rag & Bone

What’s next for Owl’s Brew?  

J: We’re working on a new special release flavor, and an updated bottle to match. More to come in the New Year!

M:  We have a new flavor that we’re launching for the summer– stay tuned!

What do you love most about what you do?   

J: With a fast-growth startup, every day offers new challenges.  The amazing flip side of that is that every day offers new opportunities.  I’m at my happiest when I’m problem-solving and trying to stay one step ahead.

M: Everyday is exciting, challenging and rewarding, you can’t beat that.

owl's brew

To keep up with the Owl’s Brew gang, follow them on Instagram here or shop their products here.

Photo cred: Owl’s Brew

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