West Coast Style With Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton for Amazon Fashion

Photo cred: Scott León

As New Yorkers, we tend to boast on how much we love our city. Between the pizza, skyscraper views, and the fashion scene, we’re pretty excited to call this city home. But, every now and then, we like to escape the Concrete Jungle and travel somewhere completely different — and sometimes that means our go-to all-black ensembles just won’t cut it for our destination. Thankfully, there is a way to try out and receive new (and colorful!) clothes directly to your hotel door without having to waste your time searching for stores while you’re on vacation. (And trust us, it will only take a couple of minutes.)

We partnered with Amazon Fashion to showcase how our very own Boss Babe, Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, mixes her NYC style with her west coast aesthetic when she travels to California for business.  Scroll on to read Cyndi’s full interview and see how she gets her #styledelivered no matter what coast she’s on.

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Amazon Package Delivered at LA Hotel

Photo cred: Scott León Items on Cyndi: LA made T-shirt (similar).


Photo cred: Scott León  Items on Cyndi: Rails Women’s Olivia‘ale by alessandra hat, Yellow Gold Earrings (similar).

Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re currently working on.

I’m the founder of a little site called Taste The Style, as well as the founder of Chillhouse, the first café/spa hybrid in NYC. I’m working on so much for both businesses, including collaborations such as this one with Amazon Fashion, and product development for Chillhouse (yes, it’s all happening!). I’d say the rest of my year will be focusing on growth and structure — two things I’m very new at. It’ll be interesting to see [how] everything comes together.

While LA doesn’t really have cold weather, how do you layer your ensembles to be appropriate for the climate?

I’d say the #1 item to pack for an LA trip is a leather jacket. The temperature, while beautiful, tends to drop significantly in the evening. If you’re not prepared, one second you’re sweating in the sun, the next you’re shivering in your skirt. I always prep for that drop: leather jacket, cardigan, jean jacket —whatever it takes to prep for that 60-degree evening.


Photo cred: Scott León Items on Cyndi: Michael Stars Fedora, Kenneth Cole jacket, Misa dress



Working On the Go


Photo cred: Scott León Items on Cyndi: ‘ale by alessandra hat‘ale by alessandra hatLA made T-shirt (similar), Hale jeansYellow Gold Earrings (similar).

Being a born-and-bred New Yorker, you probably bring a bit of your home state style wherever you go. What are some ways you mix and incorporate your NY style into your LA look?

Black on black, baby. I like to think LA actually brings out more of the wild child in me, so I usually find myself in a lot of black or vintage tees. And again, in leather. It’s always leather weather in LA. Wish I could say the same for NYC.

While Amazon Fashion is able to deliver online orders anywhere, what is the kind of message you hope to deliver when it comes to your own personal aesthetic?

I hope my personal aesthetic shows that I’m thoughtful, yet try to be effortless, but at the end of the day, I mean business.  



Getting Ready For Date Night

Photo cred: Scott León Items on Cyndi: Misa dress, Vanessa Mooney earrings, The Fix shoes, Ray Bans sunglasses


Photo cred: Scott León Items on Cyndi: Misa dress, Vanessa Mooney earrings, The Fix shoes, Ray Bans sunglasses

Describe your “OOO” style in three words:

I’m always on the go, and my style changes by the day. I’d say my personal aesthetic is unpredictable, comfortable and easy. Very much like Amazon Fashion.

Packing accessories in a suitcase is never an easy feat. Tell us some tricks and tips you use to safely transport your favorite pieces.  

I’m HUGE into hats and find it extremely hard to travel with them unless you’re wearing them. But what if you want to bring more than one brimmed hat? This black hat by Ale by Alessandra had a pair of strings tucked inside the crown of the hat that allow you to tie it to your carry on. I’m never going near a hat that doesn’t do this ever again.

Sunnies are also a hard thing to pack for. A lot of times, cases are unnecessarily bulky. That’s why these Ray Bans are perfect to travel with — not only are they classic, they’re also super compact and travel perfectly.



Dinner at Goldie’s

Photo cred: Scott León Items: Miuco Bag


Photo cred: Scott León Items on Cyndi: Miuco bagVanessa Mooney earrings.


Photo cred: Scott León Items: Miuco bag.

Working while you’re on vacation is normally part of your routine, what are some key pieces you always make sure to bring for those  moments when you need to be “professional.”

A love an oversized blazer, or a power jumpsuit. Also, this goes without saying but a chic pump goes a looooong way.



Going to Bed In Style

Photo cred: Scott León Items: Nine West shoes,  The Fix shoes.


Photo cred: Scott León Items on Cyndi: Eberjay pajamas


Looking for a new ensemble? Shop all of Cyndi’s fashion picks here and make sure to check out Amazon Fashion for your next west coast ensemble.

This post was sponsored by Amazon Fashion.

Written by Raven Ishak

Photography via Scott León

Videography via Department 4

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