What We Did and Wore This Weekend: The DAILĒ Routine x Taste The Style’s Booze Bonanza

Our pineapples be funky! Thanks to Make Art Studio for helping us create them. You're the bomb diggity.

We’re suckers for a good event and this weekend, we helped host not one but two rad happenings.

First up, The DAILE Routine, an event designed by yours truly for my skincare brand, DAILE. Maybe the name gives it away, but if you’re still left saying “huh?”, it goes something like this:

Friends, editors, influencers and beauty-junkies were invited to join us for two hours worth of a total lifestyle reboot at Sacred Sounds Yoga, and to celebrate the launch of DAILE on Spring app. Guests rotated between a 5 minute stretch, followed by a 5 minute training session by Equinox’s Tim Sharp, then were treated to mini-facials courtesy of Beauty Booked and Tribeca Beauty Spa and topped the end of their “routine” with ginger shots by Monfefo and treats by MacarOn Cafe. Are you kind of getting it now?

In short, the event was designed so guests can learn to adopt healthy decisions into their daily routine (a-ha!) For that reason, we decided to report the exact routines practiced that day. Thanks again to Sacred Sounds Yoga for having us!


Child’s pose, plank, downward dog, plank, upward dog, back to downward dog.

Raise right foot to downward dog split, pass foot between the hands to a high lung, place left hand on the ground reach right hand up to the sky and look and it open your heart to right, then hand back on the ground back to downward dog split.

Bend the knee while foot is high and open up the hip, stretch back to downward dog split, lower foot to ground, come from downward dog forward to plank then to upward dog, back to child’s pose, then downward dog.

Repeat sequence on left side.


Jumping jack push-ups, 50 seconds

10 sec rest

Lunge circle, 50 seconds

10 sec rest

Bird dogs (on all four legs, bring opposite knees to elbows, rotate), 50seconds

10 sec rest

Bicycle crunches, 25seconds

Touch toe crunches, 25 second

10 sec rest

Plank, 30 seconds

Side plank, 15 seconds on each side

Do this two times!


Anabel Velazquez, facialist at Tribeca Beauty Spa, recommends the following:

1) C​leanse: Wash your face twice daily using lukewarm water (never hot!) and a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, makeup and impurities. Avoid products with strong detergents or alcohol that can strip moisture from the skin’s surface.

2) Exfoliate: Slough off dead skin cells with an exfoliator once or twice a week to reveal fresh, younger looking skin. Your serums and moisturizers will have maximum penetration and impact!

3) Moisturize: Apply a dime-size portion of a “super cream” such as DAILE. The winter months can slow DNA replication in the skin, causing your cell aging to process and advance. Ingredients such as Astragalus Root can help raise levels of the enzyme telomerase which will support DNA cell structure and the ability to create new, healthy skins cells.

4) Protect, Protect, Protect: Just because the sun may be MIA during winter months doesn’t mean its harmful effects on the skin will be too. The FDA warns that if there is enough light to read a newspaper, there are enough UV rays to cause damage.  Always apply sunscreen to protect your skin against harmful UV rays which are responsible for 90% of wrinkles/premature aging skin. Take a look at this article.

Book a facial at Tribeca Beauty Spa on BeautyBooked.


 Monfefo was kind enough to provide our guests with the health kick they needed post workout. Because we strongly believe they’re the freshest ginger juice brand in all of New York (we’ve done the research) and because ginger has dozens of health benefits, we were pumped to have them on board. Their drink is best served in these ways:

1. As a straight shot!

2. A little sparkling water– the perfect gingerale.

3. As a tea. Add hot water.

4. Mix it with your favorite juice: orange, pineapple, apple. It all works.

PS: it’s also pretty damn tasty with cocktails. Hello whiskey + Monfefo.

Grab your own Monfefo at any of these New York locations, and don’t forget to treat yo’self for all that discipline with some macarons from MacarOn Cafe.

Check out the gallery below (all shot by our lovely friend, Aliana Galan,) and check out the DAILE playlist here:



It’s been a while since TTS has hosted a little gathering, so when Ilegal Mezcal approached us to partner with them on the last day of their holiday pop-up, we were all over it like white on rice.

The afternoon went a little something like this: upon arrival, guests filled out name tags with their Instagram handles, as well as what they love to devour (figured it was a sweet little icebreaker.) Then they were treated to a live performance by Kat Quinn, followed by a lesson on mezcal cocktail making by Ilegal’s own Herminio. They then got to mingle with guests while the drinks were kept flowing. Our gorgeous readers were also treated to delicious snacks by Bee’s Knees and Boulton & Watt. Not a bad Sunday.

Check out the gallery below and since many of the guests had questions regarding my top, I’ve made it shoppable directly below. It’s quite possibly the awesomest sweatshirt in the world so make sure to snag it below or in stores at Blue&Cream.

Special shoutout to Gabriella Desposito from Make Art Studio for decorating our pineapples. We’re never throwing them away.

Thanks again to everyone who came out! And for anyone who wanted to learn how to recreate these cocktails back home, below is the full menu. Enjoy!




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