What’s Trending In Food: Fall 2016 Edition

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Food trends tend to come and go quicker than you can come up with a winning Instagram caption, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re downgraded to tourist fare (rainbow bagels, anyone?). But much like with fashion, some things have lasting power beyond a season. This fall, we’re calling the biggest trends in dining right now — and forecasting what’s to come. Hungry yet? Read on for seven things to watch for this season.


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Photo via @bluestonelanecoffee/Instagram

Superfoods have become the buzziest ingredient of the past few years — first, we were blending them into smoothies, seasoning our food with them, and tossing them on top of oatmeal. This fall, get ready to replace your morning cup of joe with one of these power players. Superfood “lattes” are on the menu at NYC’s hottest dining establishments. Pop over to Bluestone Lane for their Golden Latte with turmeric, which boasts anti-inflammatory benefits and boosts your alertness, sans caffeine. Once your first cold of the season hits, stop by Springbone Kitchen for an immunity-boosting Vanilla Chaga tea or a calming Cacao Reishi blend.

Photo via @laurenladnier/Instagram

Photo via @laurenladnier/Instagram

Poké has been on the radar for a while, but we’re still not over it yet. The term poké means “to slice” or “to cut” and refers to the diced meat or seafood at the center of the Hawaiian dish. Toss it in a bowl with rice, veggies, and sauce, and you’ve got endless options for a healthy bowl. Chikarashi, Seamore’s, and Wisefish all offer (relatively) authentic takes on the island staple, and Brooklyn’s Onomea serves up the real deal.

food trends

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If you’re a ride or die pancake fan, sorry, but it’s time for waffles to have their moment. We’re not quite sure what it is that make the two so different (you can often make either using the same batter), but there’s something about the ridges that make waffles the perfect vessel for toppings. Dessert waffles were all the rage earlier this year, and savory interpretations like Root & Bone’s buckwheat and cheddar waffle and Distilled’s duck and chili basil waffle are the next big thing.

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Okay, meat lovers: Hear us out. Foodies everywhere are championing cauliflower as the vegetable of the year. Once you get past the smell, this cruciferous veggie has a pleasant taste — especially with the right seasonings — and a hearty texture. The Butcher’s Daughter, Chalk Point Kitchen, and Cafe Clover all offer different takes on a cauliflower “steak” that’s well worth the price tag. Other standouts include the Kung Pao cauliflower at Mission Cantina and the curried cauliflower available at Dimes and Dimes Deli (pssst — this one’s a Team TTS fave).

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What’s next in fine dining? Nordic cuisine. This fall, we’re looking northward to seasonal flavors inspired by Icelandic and Scandinavian dishes. Think lush meats, fresh seafood, and colorful roasted veggies and crudites, all plated to perfection. If a trip to Reykjavik isn’t quite in the cards, book a reservation at Manhattan’s Aquavit or Agern. Over the bridge, Luskus and Aska in Brooklyn both offer tasting menus.

Photo via Yelp

Photo via Yelp

Grab a fork and knife; it’s pork season. Pork is the most consumed meat worldwide, and the slightly sweet flavor and ultra-juiciness lends itself to several interpretations. The meat works well in practically any type of cuisine, so it’s easy to see why the hearty main is showing up on menus everywhere. This season, order a roasted pork chop from Hearth or Momofuku’s Ssam Bar, or Wildair’s pork rillete. When the ramen cravings hit, visit Chuko for some comforting pork bone ramen.

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Even as recently as ten years ago, sustainable ingredients and healthy cuisine were hard to come by and — let’s face it — not that appealing. Thanks to figures like Hannah Bronfman and the Sakara babes, eating well has become en vogue. Fast casual restaurants like by CHLOE, Sweetgreen, and Inday took note first, and now we’re seeing more and more sit-down restaurants adopt the same mindset on the reg. We’re calling 2016 the year that conscious eating really took off. From the new-ish Two Hands outpost to recent additions like The Wild Son, Pietro Nolita, and Nickel & Diner, healthy options are chic-er than ever.


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