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The dumplings at dinnertable

We assume that if you’re reading this article, you already think we have good taste. Whether it’s in food or fashion, you trust that we always have your best interest at heart and we only lead to places we know you’ll love (because, of course, they’re places we love). With that in mind, allow us to shamelessly tell you that this weekend you should treat yourself to dinner at dinnertable, the new restaurant our guys at Den Hospitality have just opened in the back of The Garret East. Some people call it a “reverse speakeasy,” others just call it a restaurant without a sign only accessible through a bar, but we’re just calling it damn good. It’s true that it resides behind a curtain and you enter by ringing a doorbell with the command “press for food” (we’ve never been so easily convinced to follow rules…), but once inside it’s a delicious dining experience from start to finish. And we’re not just saying this because we know the guys who run it, we’re saying it because it’s true. 

If you’ve been to The Garret, Dullboy, or The Garret East, you might’ve noticed that they’re all about making you feel like you’re hanging out and drinking in someone’s living room. Someone with a ridiculously well stocked bar, that is. Yeah, those really comfortable couches and bookcases are beginning to make more sense now, aren’t they. And at dinnertable, that cozy feeling of being in someone’s home is still there, except this time your host is not only serving you drinks but they’re also making you dinner.

Photo cred: Dillon Burke

Photo cred: Dillon Burke

So if a meal cooked with love in an intimate dining space in the back of your favorite bar sounds like something you want, then go to Dinnertable tonight. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Do not overlook menu items that sound simple. Like the garlic pretzel. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “It’s just a bread; bread should be free,” because this dish is incredible and worth any price. Same with the chrysanthemum salad. This is not on the menu to make you feel better about ordering the lasagne for two (which you should do). It’s complex and unlike any salad you’ve probably had lately. But yes, it does happen to be green.
  2. So, about the food. You should probably start with oysters because, well, do you really need a reason?
  3. But the lack of reservations and small party sizes means it is great for that time you met a date for a drink at The Garret East, end up liking each other enough to order a second drink, then a third, and then, well, you got hungry.
  4. While dinnertable is great for many occasions, it’s not great for your next rowdy birthday dinner. That’s because they don’t accept reservations and there’s a 4 person maximum per party. We’re assuming you have more friends than that…
  5. Dining at dinnetable truly is a family affair. The chefs are husband and wife team Scott Tacinelli and Angie Rito of Quality Italian, and yes, they’ve agreed to temporarily adopt each diner into their family for the evening.
  6. Photo courtesy of dinnertable

    Photo courtesy of dinnertable

  7. Chances are everything else on the menu will sound appealing, so know that this is the sort of place where you can easily order most of the menu between two people. So do that.
  8. In case this was a burning question, the answer is yes, this is a home in which the kids are allowed to eat dessert. So there’s a “chaco-taco” filled with espresso ice cream and a “toaster strudel” on the menu to fulfill all your inner fat-kid dreams.  
  9. So if you want to go out for a special meal but still want to feel relaxed, you should go to dinnertable tonight. Sit at the bar and make friends with the chefs or sit at the communal table and make friends with the diners, but either way you’ll leave with a new family.
  10. choco taco at dinnertable nyc

    Photo courtesy of dinnertable

dinnertable is open Tuesday-Sunday for dinner, 5:30-11:30pm. Remember, no reservations, but we heard there’s a decent bar nearby where you can grab a drink and wait.

Address: 206 Avenue A New York, New York 10009



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