Where You Should Go Tonight: Pizza Beach

We’re finally, maybe, almost, a little bit, jusssssst approaching Spring now, and we’re getting really antsy about it. Yes, we realize that no one talks about anything other than the weather right now, but that’s because it’s all anyone can think about and it’s starting to determine our restaurant recommendations. That being said, if there’s one other thing that’s always on our minds it’s pizza, and we’re guessing you feel the same. Luckily for you we’ve found a one stop spot to clear your head and fill your belly, and it’s Pizza Beach on the Upper East Side.

It’s true that with a name like Pizza Beach we could probably end this article here. Anything involving pizza and beaches together is obviously a gift from the heavens and obviously we checked it out immediately upon hearing its glorious name. Pizza and beaches in the same sentence is just about the only thing that makes the trek up to 81st street worth it, and we’re thrilled to report that Pizza Beach fully delivers on both the pizza front and the beach front.

If you really need more convincing, here’s why else you should go:


  1. Located on the 81st and 3rd, Pizza Beach is the place to be in the neighborhood. We’re not just saying this. When we arrived we ran into no less than 3 of our friends who live on the UES and they all agreed that yes, it’s the spot.
  2. You can rest assured that you’re pizza eating experience is in the hands of experts. The new chef is the man from The East Pole and the owners are responsible for all time favorites like The Fat Radish and Brinkleys. So yeah, they know what’s good.
  3. Surfboards hang on the walls and tiki lights hang from the ceilings. Really, there’s really no better place to wait out the April showers than from inside this beach shack.
  4. Get pizza. Specifically, get the thai coconut curry & rock shrimp pizza. It’s our favorite of all the pizzas and the one that made us most feel like we were at the beach.
  5. When creating your pizza plan of attack, try new flavors (see above) but pair with a classic. The specialty pies can’t be missed but you’ll want something familiar to balance it out. Because if we’re being real, the curry pizza tastes more like curry than it does like pizza, in the best possible way.
  6. The wine situation is brilliant. 40 bottles to choose from, each $40. Glasses for $10. We love it when they’re on our side.
  7. While the pizzas are solid, the service is friendly, and the wine is cheap, Pizza Beach is really all about the atmosphere. Come for a beach party, stay for pizza, eat, enjoy, and come back tomorrow.

Pizza Beach is located at 1246 3rd Ave. They’re open every day for dinner and have just premiered a weekend brunch menu.

Snag a reservation on Open Table or give ’em a shout if you have a big group. 646.666.0819

Photos via Pizza Beach


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