Where You Should Go Tonight: Seamore’s

Photo Cred: Dana deLaski

The idea of “summer food” is definitely a thing, and it’s a thing that we try to eat as much of as we possibly can. And we’re not just talking about seasonal cooking. This isn’t about using tomatoes or cherries because they’re at their peak right now (but they are and you better be using them), it’s about the sort of food that feels like summer. Food that tastes like you’re on vacation, at the beach, or just generally food that feels like a chilled out good time.

That’s what we’re talking about when we talk about “summer food” so when we noticed a restaurant under construction with a sign out front that read “Seamore’s”, a white and sea foam green interior, and images of fish on the walls, we knew we had to stalk it until it opened and get ourselves a seat in there ASAP. So we did, and just as we had hoped we found ourselves in a “summer food” paradise that we never wanted to leave. And once you go here for dinner tonight you won’t want to leave either, because Seamore’s is a place where you can’t help but have fun. It’s the kind of place where you don’t mind waiting for a table (where you might actually enjoy it) because it means to get to hang out at the bar and potentially chat with someone incredibly good looking (which will probably happen as Seamore’s is also one of those places where everyone is really attractive.)

What you need to know is that Seamore’s is a Summer Friday in the form of a restaurant. The whole place buzzes, the food is insane, and you’ll leave saying something like “okay, now I’m ready to party.”

So without further ado, here are 8 more reasons you should go there tonight:


1. The owner is one of the guys behind The Meatball Shop, so you might not be surprised to find a build-your-own-plate section of the menu. You’re just trading the meatballs for fish.

2. If the build-your-own-plate thing doesn’t look familiar and you have no idea what we’re talking about, breathe. It’s fine. The ridiculously friendly staff will come over to each table and explain exactly how it all works. And then owner, Michael Chernow, will probably come over to say hello too. It’s that kind of place.

3. Drinkwise, the aqua frescas are insane. We get that beer, wine, and cocktails might be what you thought you wanted, but you haven’t tasted one of their aqua frescas (aka most refreshing thing on planet Earth) yet. And you can add alcohol to them. So do that.

4. Get the poke. Share some tacos. These are commands.

5. Next, build your own plate. The fish is fresh (ocean to table within 48 hours they say) and the sauces deliver (miso brown butter if you want sweet, cashew harissa if you want spicy, and salsa verde if you just want something good), so just get what sounds good and you’ll be happy as a clam.

6. They don’t take reservations, and chances are there will be wait. But embrace the wait. Like we said the wait will be fun since the atmosphere at this place is infectious.

7. Coconut and keffir lime soft serve from Oddfellows is something you need to consume during your lifetime, and it’s currently on the dessert menu at Seamore’s. It’s the 2nd most refreshing thing on planet Earth and it’s only being served for another few days when they’ll rotate in a different flavor. So yeah, tonight’s your night.

8. Do not come to Seamore’s with a Debbie Downer. Just don’t. The place is too fun. It’s all about good food, good music, good vibes, and good times. If you’re down with those things then you’ll be down with Seamore’s. Simple as that.

Photo Cred: Dana deLaski

Photo Cred: Dana deLaski

(Editor’s note: Bonus points if you can spot Cyndi Ramirez and her man Adam in the photo above)

Seamore’s is located at 390 Broome Street (on the corner of Broome and Mulberry).

They’re open every day from 5pm-12am, and if you’re like us and think they should be open for lunch too, call them at 212-730-6005 and pester them.


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  • Love this place!!! Went here last weekend and I want to go back to try everything on their menu!